Johann Weber Speaks at EMS Day

As the main speaker of the 17th Würzburg EMS Day, Zollner CEO, Johann Weber, emphasized the significance of the Digital Transformation.

He spoke for an hour about the necessity of implementing efficient digital processes. It is only in this way that EMS companies could meet the demands of their customers, which - also thanks to digitalization - were constantly increasing. Of course, this is a great challenge. But it is yet a greater opportunity.

EMS Day is one of the most important events for the sector. Managing Directors and Leadership from EMS providers, in-house manufacturers and their suppliers meet to exchange thoughts about current topics. Among those that arose during the July 14, 2019 event, for example, were changes in the PCB industry, trends in the component distribution and manufacturer’s worlds as well as the various tests with data eyeglasses, for example in service as well as in the manual assembly process. Additionally, during his market analysis, Dipl. Eng. Dieter G. Weiss, Director of ‘in4ma information for manufacturers’, offered an overview of where the EMS industry stands following the 2018 record year. 

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